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The Michigan/Canadian Council Of Bishops are intolerant of systemic racism and injustices. As advocates of equality and fairness among our community, we stand in protest of the blatant disrespect of human lives. The faith based community is progressively driven by great people of color. The black community has been great stewards in the kingdom, our churches and activists in our world. We acknowledge the brilliance, commitment, and the strength of our leaders. We acknowledge these senseless acts as forms of hate that have infiltrated humanity by generations. However, these acts are unacceptable and demand change. 

Therefore, as people of faith, we will continue to explore and demonstrate new ways to combat racist and injustices. And, we will continue to pray and work for change with action. 

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Michigan/Ontario Church of God in Christ Family,
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The Michigan/Canadian  Council of Bishops are a coalition of Episcopal Leaders of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., united together in purpose to positively represent the Church of God in Christ and its members in our communities in the State of Michigan, and the Province of Ontario, Canada.

The mission of this Council is to support the Vision and Office of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, and his strategic focus on the development of programs that will impact the role of the Church in the 21st Century.

The Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops are dedicated to uphold and obey the Word of God, obey and defend the Constitution of the Church of God in Christ, and encourage Ministerial Improvements and Leadership Training.

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