Bishop Charles Harrison Mason began his ministry in 1893 and accepted ministerial licenses from a Baptist Church in Preston, Arkansas. In 1896, because of his teaching on Sanctification, many doors within the Baptist Association began to close. In 1897 Bishop Mason was forced to deliver his message from the south entrance of the courthouse in Jackson, Mississippi. Several days later he held a meeting in an old abandoned Gin House in Lexington, Mississippi, which became the meeting place for the Church. The name "Church of God in Christ" was revealed to Bishop Mason while he was walking along a certain street in Little Rock, Arkansas; and is substantiated by the scriptures, I Thes. 2:14 and II Thes. 1:1. During the renowned Azusa Street Revival in 1906, in Los Angeles, California conducted by Elder W.J. Seymour, Bishop Mason received the Holy Ghost.

EIGHT YEARS LATER in 1914, under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, Elder W.G. Johnson wrote in an unknown handwriting which was interpreted by Bishop C.H. Mason as "Brother Johnson's call to Michigan." After arriving in Detroit on March 26, 1914 from their home in Memphis, Tennessee, Elder W.G. (Ting-a-Ling) Johnson and his wife, Mother Mary Mangum-Johnson began having services at Erskine and St. Antoine St. Later they worshiped on Catherine and Gratiot, also at 643 Beaubien and finally 623 Livingstone. The church at that time was known as Livingstone Street Church of God in Christ. This Church is now known as Seth Temple Church of God in Christ.