Michigan/Ontario Department of Women
Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Lady Karen V. Sheard
Presiding Bisop's Wife

Lady Mollie Whitehead
Michigan/Ontario Bishop's Wives Circle

Lady Pearl Hill
Michigan/Ontario Bishop's Wives Circle

Mother Dianne M. Bogan
Executive Secretary
Michigan/Ontario Bishop's Wives Circle

Lady Dorothy Duncan
Michigan/Ontario Bishop's Wives Circle

Lady Sandra Jones

Lady Mignon Walls
Lady Helen Atterberry

Lady Bonita A. Shelby

Lady Virgie Milton

Lady Barbara Jones

Lady Darlene Henderson

Lady Vivian Burton

Lady Lisa M. Hicks

Evangelist Patricia A. Ways, Esq.

Dr. Elaine P. Wright

Dr. Ruth Plummer

Lady Kelli Johnson

Dr. E. Jean McMurray

Lady Cherrylean Givens

Lady Delores Jackson

Lady Eva Cunningham

Lady Ann Burns

Lady Jeanette Foster

Lady Felicia Martin

Lady Carolyn L. Evans

Lady Mary Wells

Lady Ellen Allen
Lady Connie Gaines

Lady Lois Harris

Lady Statha Lewis

Lady Yvonne Morton

Mother Martha Nichols

Lady Ruth C. Pryor

Lady Mignon Scott

Lady Linda Sue Smith

Lady Ann Thomas

Lady Roberta Toone

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